Access a global network of workers with the best reputation and at the lowest cost

The big advantage for companies today is a global labor market in nature. This is why you can access the best specialists in highly technical disciplines, regardless of what country in the world they reside.
Colombia, India, Pakistan, China or Ukraine. These countries have a reputation for having some of the best-educated workforces with the highest work ethic. They are also countries where labor regulations are very stable and the cost of labor is quite affordable.

A global network, a local solution

That one project or program you finally want to get off the ground can now become a reality with a global network of collaborators. Our team will search for the most suitable professionals no matter where they live.

Accelerate the growth of your company with the collaboration of professionals from different parts of the world, for a fraction of what it would cost to hire locally. The professional members of the Esfera Solutions’s global network have a high level of technical and conversational English that will make your communication with them easy and productive. 

It’s good business to hire collaborators in Colombia

Colombian professionals have an excellent reputation in terms of their level of knowledge and skillset in technical areas, their level of English is one of the highest for non-native speakers, and their work ethic is unparalleled. In addition, Colombia offers one of the most stable and flexible labor laws, bringing great benefits to contracting companies. Additionally, Esfera Solutions, based in Colombia, has the ability to be the employer of Record, thus avoiding the need for your company to establish a formal operation in Colombia.


Write us and we will tell you how to hire high-performing personnel in Colombia.