Implement Occupational Health and Safety programs for a stable and predictable operation

"The higher they climb, the harder they fall," says an old adage. Don't let this saying become reality at your company. Our Occupational Health and Safety programs are focused on preparing employees in high-risk areas.
High-risk activities to the health and life of your employees require a comprehensive training and contingency plan that adheres to new government regulations. Esfera offers advisory and implementation solutions that fit your company's workforce size

Occupational Health and Safety at Work

Our advisory plans in the areas of occupational safety for drivers and personnel working in high-risk areas will help you comply with legal requirements and provide stability to your workforce.

The new legal regulations that govern the operation of motorized vehicles on public roads, and the work activities at heights where there is a risk of falls, is designed to give greater protection to workers by overseeing companies that carry out activities in these areas. Esfera Solutions is up to date on the requirements of the new regulations and can advise your company on the implementation of programs that comply with the law.


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