Employee payroll and benefits without creating more work for your team

Calculating and processing payroll and benefits for your employees creates more work for your team, taking up valuable time. Esfera Solutions can handle the entire process quickly and accurately.
Maintain total control of payroll costs plus permanent access to each employee's file with our cloud-based solution. We do all the work of managing payroll, in addition to always keeping your employee files up to date, while you have access to all their information in real time.
Hire directly without creating more work for your management team. In fact, Esfera Solutions can handle all aspects of HR management for your company.
Leave all aspects of the direct contracting process to us. Our experts will work with you and your team to carry out all aspects of hiring your new employees.
The Esfera Solutions team will help you design and implement growth and education programs for your direct hire employees.

Empolyment law compliance

We evaluate your current employment compliance situation, make the necessary adjustments, and we implement processes that ensure that your company complies with all labor regulations.

Complying with all labor law requirements is essential for the good performance of your staff because it gives them the confidence of knowing they have access to all the benefits they are entitled to. At Esfera Solutions we evaluate your current contractual situation, making any necessary changes, and we implement programs that ensure that future employees will be covered by all the benefits provided by law.

Sleep tight. Nothing better to reconcile a good sleep than knowing that all your employees are covered by the law and that you will not have problems with government institutions.
Human resources should not occupy much of your resources. Leave all the work of legalizing your employee base to us and focus your resources on growing your business.
You have no interest in becoming an employment law expert. Or maybe you do. But if you don’t, leave the management of your human resources to Esfera’s experts. How would you like to be an expert in growing sales instead!


We help you enroll your employees to the social security system, so that they and you can focus on running the company.

Enrollment to the social security system is not only complex but also takes time and resources. Navigating all the employment law requirements is an activity best left to the experts. That is why at Esfera Solutions we work with a number of companies of all sizes and linked to a wide variety of industries, engaging new and existing employees.

Compete with the best; And win. Your company is more attractive to top talent when a quick enrollment to the social security system makes a difference to them.
Forget and focus: Forget about the process of enrolling your employees to the social security system. Focus on operating and growing your business.
Labor productivity of your employees is not achieved only by giving them the best technology. It is also a matter of giving them the right motivation. A motivated employee is one who feels protected.


Do payroll on time and with the confidence that the calculations are accurate.

Deductions for health and retirement, bonuses, etc. Add here and subtract there. Settling payroll or the final calculations after employment period ends is a complex process that requires knowledge and the use of the best technology. We have both. Our specialized software platform and the knowledge of our experts are the best guarantee that your employees will be paid correctly and on time, every time.

It’s been said that it is impossible to make an accountant laugh. Esfera Solutions is an expert in bringing smiles to the most stern of accountants, thanks to the accuracy with which we help our clients calculate and organize payroll payments.
Today is Friday and the body knows it. Everyone in your company is making big plans for the weekend. And you are the hero of this story.
The process is not easier because there‘s only a few of them. Whether you have one employee or a thousand, the process of calculating and processing payroll can be just as cumbersome. At Esfera Solutions we are experts at making it simple.


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