Hire collaborators through us, according to your short and long-term goals

Did you know that you don't have to incorporate a legal business to have access to one of the most reputable workforces in the world? Esfera Solutions can handle all the legal and payroll aspects of your workers.
Today's job market is global. This means your company can have access to the best multinational workforce without the need to establish legal entities in the countries where your collaborators reside.

Indirect Hiring

Your company can assemble collaborators and a strategic team quickly, easily and without legal risks.

At Esfera Solutions we are EOR (Employer of Record) for many companies that need a workforce without the legal risks or the use of additional resources. This means you can hire suitable and trained personnel without growing your legal payroll or having legal obligations. We will be the legal employers of your collaborators, offering your operation the flexibility it needs.

Staffing flexibility is the dream of every growing company. Grow your business by giving it the extra capacity you need, when you need it.
How many hours of additional administrative work can it cost your company to hire more staff? How about zero?
Finally start that project that has been on paper for months. Esfera Solutions assembles for you the necessary temporary team to bring the project to a successful conclusion.


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