Implement training programs for your employees based on goals you can measure

In a business world in constant evolution, it’s essential that your employees are always one step ahead of the competition. We help you design and implement training programs with tangible results.
Training of your staff can be the difference that helps your company beat the competition. Esfera Solutions has designed and implemented training programs in a variety of industries, at basic or highly technical levels.

Training is evolution

Our educational consulting service consists of evaluating your needs and designing training programs that allow you to have a competitive advantage in your industry.

Keeping your employees well trained in specific areas of your industry is one of the best competitive advantages you can have. In many cases it is not easy to implement these educational programs and that is why Esfera Solutions takes care of the process for you. We will evaluate existing programs, certifications and other credentials your employees have today, and design and implement complementary or complete programs that improve the efficiency and performance of your company.

Training required for certain industries, such as food production, is regularly monitored by regional and national regulatory bodies.
Industries such as Information Technology, Engineering, or Medical Sciences benefit from highly qualified personnel with up-to-date certifications.
Consult with one of our advisors which programs are ideal for your company. Our experience in this area guarantees you a well-trained staff.
Training your staff takes time. Maximize training and minimize the time your employees must dedicate to educational work by leaving the implementation of the programs to Esfera Solutions.
Employees in non-professional disciplines also need ongoing training. Our consultants will help you determine which programs are the most convenient, how to implement them and follow up on them.
Professionals as well as technical staff appreciate and are happier working for companies that show interest in their career advancement.