Recruit and manage personnel Based on your company's growth objectives

You are happy when your company grows. Your company grows when your employees are happy. Our solutions are specifically designed according to the growth objectives you’ve set for your company.
How happy do you want to be today?

Selection and Recruitment of Employees

Do you need temporary or permanent employees? Or maybe a combination of the two. How about temporary ones that can become permanent? Beyond candidates who meet the technical and experience requirements, these new hires must fit into your company's culture.

Our recruitment processes, supported by psychological and technical tests, and sophisticated predictive technology, maximize the chances of finding talent who wants to grow alongside your company.

Personnel Recruiting

Now that you've selected the ideal candidates, it's time to decide whether to add them to your roster. Or to ours. Depending on your objectives, you can decide if it is more convenient for you to hire directly or through us. Regardless of your decision, we can carry out the process within a legal framework, adhering to labor laws.

Payroll Administration

Cobbler, stick to your last. Like all sayings, this one also has an element of truth. ¿Why allocate valuable resources to managing your company's payroll? With specialized technology and expert staff, we can accurately calculate payroll amounts paid to your employees, in addition to legalizing and managing memberships and other additional benefits you offer. 


We live by the idea that no two companies have the same personnel needs. Our processes are unique for each client, regardless of their size or the number of employees they need.

About us

We’ve been employees. We are employers, too. Esfera Solutions was born from this symbiosis, because we see the challenges of managing the most valuable resource of any company, its employees, from a 360 holistic perspective. 


We are experts in human resources management. That is why we speak with authority of the current challenges and future trends facing the employee-employer relationship. Learn how these challenges and trends affect and create opportunity at the same time.

Wellness and Training Programs

A top-performing employee, the one you want on your team, expects more than a fair wage. That's why implementing wellness programs and offering training is seen by many workers as a key incentive to join a company.

The good news is this benefits your company. Our consulting services help you design and implement wellness and training programs that fit your budget and contribute to happier, more efficient employees.